Branch Regulations and Policies

Branch Regulations

Branch Regulations – 25 Sep 2018
Certification Documents

Branch Policy and Procedures Manual

– Introduction

Branch 638 Policy and Procedures Manual

– Administration

Branch Executive Responsibility
Means of Communication
Access to Manuals / Documents
Travel Expense Claims
Annex A – Travel Authorization Form
Annex B – Schedule of Eligibility
Membership Enrolment
Annex A – Application for Membership
Annex B – Application for Transfer
Annex C – Member Information Form
Annex D – Initiation Ceremony

– Facilities

Kitchen / Food Service
Catering Services
Annex A – Catering Chair Responsibilities
Annex B – Event Coordinator Responsibilities
Annex C – Event Volunteers Responsibilities
Annex D – Pricing
Tips, Gratuities and Service Charges
Bar Management and Operations
Annex A – Bar Manager Responsibilities
Annex B – Bartender Operating Procedures
Bartender Book (Procedures)
Hall Rental – May, 2024

– Programmes

Trust Funds
Branch Event Ticket Sales
Legion Tributes
Placing Wreathes
Annex A – Dominion Press Release 10/2016
Morale Mail for Overseas Troops
Annex A – Sign-in Sheet
Annex C – Contact Information
Poppy Trust Bursary Programme
Annex A – Bursary Application Form

Clubhouse Rules

Branch 638 House Rules
Anti-Bullying / Harassment
Annex A – Human Rights Complaint Procedures
Outlaw Motorcycle / Street Gang Colours etc
Tobacco, Cannabis and Electronic Smoking