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2021 Results

2022 Results

Annual Poster, Literary and Public Speaking Contests

Annual Poster and Literary Contest

2022 Poster Contest Rules

2022 Literary Contest Rules

2022 Dates and Deadlines

2022 Poster and Literary Contest Entry Form

Annual Public Speaking Contest

2022 Public Speaking Contest Rules / <style=”text-align: center;”=””>2022 Compétition d’Expression Orale – Regles et Reglements</style=”text-align:>

2022 Public Speaking Entry Form – English / <style=”text-align: center;”=””>2022 Compétition d’Expression Orale – Formulaire d’Inscription</style=”text-align:>

Veterans Learning

Canada Remembers Times / <style=”text-align: center;”=””>Le Canada se souvient</style=”text-align:>

Take Time to Remember / <style=”text-align: center;”=””>Prendre le temps de se souvenir</style=”text-align:>

Tales of Animals in War / <style=”text-align: center;”=””>Histoires d’animaux à la guerre</style=”text-align:>

2021 Remembrance Poem, Essay, and Poster Contest Winners