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2021 – 2022 Executive Contacts

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
President Bruce Judge 613-599-3553
Past President and
Remembrance Day Comm.
Lorraine Lapensèe 613-831-8319
1st Vice President William Molnar 613-592-9361
2nd Vice President Garth Lee 613-282-9724
3rd Vice President Mary Jo Gauthier 613-884-9097
Treasurer / Buyer George Pollock 613-836-2530
Secretary Sheila Horton 613-435-2205
Poppy Chair and Legion Seniors John Kern 613-444-0155
Lottery Trust Fund Margaret Judge 613-599-3553
Veterans Services Sue Mclean 613-291-1038
Cadet Liaison Denis Pelletier 613-867-3819
Membership and
Youth Education
Brenda Grant 613-832-4127
Poppy Trust Fund Chair Nila Bronkhorst 613-795-6955
Leadership Development and
LA Liaison
William Molnar 613-592-9361
Public Relations and Marketing Jackie Terris 613-831-1438
Building Grounds and
George Royle 613-591-5598
Sgt-at-Arms and
Security and Housing
Bob Thomson 613-831-8221
Track and Field
Garth Lee 613-282-9724
Finance Officer
Military Service Recognition Book
Nominations and Elections Comm.
Terry Jacobs 613-612-0705
Ways and Means and
Debby Holden 613-271-2993
Volunteer Coordinator Sheila Taylor 613-402-4363

Other Contacts

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
Chaplain Rev. Canon Dr. William Prentice 613-592-4426
Branch Bursaries Chris Braeuel 613-402-4244
Branch Regulations and
Website Manager
Ann Ervin 613-592-9289
Facebook Angie Jacklin 613-983-6230
Bar Manager Mary Jo Gauthier 613-884-9097
Foot Clinic Betty Ann Pollock 613-836-2530
Gaming/Lottery Clay Wheaton 613-592-5417
Hall Rental Andy Shinnan 613-621-0638
Branch Archivist Doug Rowland 613-592-4036
Honours and Awards Helen McKiernan 613-592-4036
Food Services Garth Lee 613-282-9724
Kitchen Manager Gaetan Chartier 819-639-9343
Newsletter Editor Lorraine Elmas 613-729-8695
IT Computer Jim Bates 613-697-0044
Cenotaph Memorial Stones Moira Green 613-592-3376

2021 – 2022 Ladies’ Auxiliary Executive Contacts

Title Name Phone Number E-mail
President Lorraine Lapensèe 613-831-8319
Past President and Treasurer Betty Ann Pollock 613-836-2530
1st Vice President Suzanne St. John 613-839-0320
2nd Vice President Judy Homma 613-592-9627
Secretary Sheila Taylor 613-402-4363
Executive Committee Deborah Holden 613-271-2993
Executive Committee Bev Connell 613-591-9797
Executive Committee Martha Dormor 613-831-1048
Sgt-at-Arms Johanna Walters 613-271-8159