Branch Re-opening

Dear Comrades,

Thankfully the Provincial Health Authority has deemed it possible to move Eastern Ontario into the ORANGE/Restricted category of COVID-19 shutdowns. Obviously the people of the Zone have been careful enough to bring the pandemic numbers down somewhat to a more acceptable level.

This means, to us at the Legion, that we may have organized events and gatherings of up to 50 people indoors.  If there is dining, tables are limited to 4 people and the tables must be at least two metres apart. Masks must be worn except when eating and drinking and participants must sign in with contact information.

The Hall Rental Officer, Debby Holden, will be in contact with the regular users of our facility and will identify more specific requirements for each type of booked activity, as applicable.

We can therefore look forward, carefully and cautiously,  to Catch the Ace Dinners and Breakfasts, once a month, starting this weekend, to Bingo, starting this Sunday February 21, to Darts, if there is interest, to Foot Care Clinics and to Executive Committee Meetings, and perhaps even Fish and Chip lunches, in the not-too-distant future.  Also watch for more take-out meal announcements from the Ways and Means Committee and the Ladies Auxiliary and for news on a new indoor walking club.

Let us all continue to be vigilant in our defense against the spread of the virus so that today’s light at the end of the tunnel  becomes the  unrestricted open air and sunshine we so desire.

Bill Molnar
1st Vice-President
Chair, Re-Opening Committee

Bruce Judge
Kanata Branch 638
The Royal Canadian Legion